Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wu-Tang Clan 8 Diagrams


  1. "Campfire"
  2. "Take It Back"
  3. "Get 'Em Out Ya Way Pa"
    • Verse 1: Method Man
    • Verse 2: U-God
    • Verse 3: Masta Killa
    • Chorus: Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
    • Produced by RZA
  4. "Rushing Elephants"
    • Verse 1: Raekwon
    • Verse 2: GZA
    • Verse 3: RZA
    • Verse 4: Masta Killa
    • Produced by RZA
  5. "Unpredictable"
    • Verse 1: Inspectah Deck
    • Verse 2: RZA
    • Chorus: RZA & Dexter Wiggles
    • Produced by RZA
  6. "The Heart Gently Weeps"
  7. "Wolves"
    • Verse 1: U-God
    • Verse 2: Method Man
    • Verse 3: Masta Killa
    • Chorus: George Clinton
    • Produced by RZA
  8. "Gun Will Go"
    • Verse 1: Raekwon
    • Verse 2: Method Man
    • Verse 3: Masta Killa
    • Chorus: Sunny Valentine
    • Produced by RZA
  9. "Sunlight"
    • Verse 1: RZA
    • Produced by RZA
  10. "Stick Me for My Riches"
  11. "Starter"
    • Verse 1: Streetlife
    • Verse 2: GZA
    • Verse 3: Inspectah Deck
    • Verse 4: U-God
    • Chorus: Sunny Valentine & Tash Mahogany
    • Produced by RZA
  12. "Windmill"
    • Verse 1: Raekwon
    • Verse 2: GZA
    • Verse 3: Masta Killa
    • Verse 4: Inspectah Deck
    • Verse 5: Method Man
    • Verse 6: Cappadonna
    • Produced by RZA
  13. "Weak Spot"
    • Verse 1: RZA
    • Verse 2: Raekwon
    • Verse 3: GZA
    • Produced by RZA
  14. "Life Changes"
    • Verse 1: Method Man
    • Verse 2: Raekwon
    • Verse 3: GZA
    • Verse 4: Masta Killa
    • Verse 5: Inspectah Deck
    • Verse 6: U-God
    • Verse 7: RZA
    • Produced by RZA
  15. "Tar Pit"
    • Verse 1: U-God
    • Verse 2: Cappadonna
    • Verse 3: Streetlife
    • Chorus: George Clinton
    • Produced by RZA
  16. "16th Chamber (ODB Special)"


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dose One

Skeleton Repelent

1 You Circa You (3:27)
2 Win It Off II (2:29)
3 Tar Of Day (5:33)
4 Death Death Death Death Death (2:14)
5 The Line In The Cold (3:33)
6 Hardest Laugh (2:39)
7 The Great Compromise (7:53)
8 Mom (3:36)
9 Hell Of January (2:37)
10 Overchoiced (3:18)

Credits: Featuring - Evann Marie (tracks: 1, 8)
Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals - Dan Boeckner (tracks: 5, 10)
Mixed By - Jeremy Goody
Vocals, Lyrics By, Performer, Producer, Programmed By, Mixed By - Doseone*


Inspirational Female Hip Hop Emceeing. Topics range from politcs to burlesque. Featuring Native American Flute by B. Frejo. Beats by P.O.S., Ninja Gator, Laser Beak, and Bean One. Kid friendly, Mother approved.

Indigo is a Hip Hop Emcee, Songwriter, Singer, and Activist. Born in St. Paul Minnesota by the mighty banks of the Mississippi, she began her music career as a child writing songs at the young age of 8. Raised in broken homes and living in over 30 places by the time she was 21, her music is expressive of real life issues and situations that are easily identifiable but difficult to diagnose. Indigo’s music has been described as food for thought, with desert included. The City Pages full page article on Indigo is quoted as saying “Like her personality, Indigo’s music is full of sass. With lyrical swoons and provocative spits, her album oozes a sexuality that comes across as confident and respectable.” Aug. 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unknown Prophets

World Premier

  1. "A Lil' Q&A"
  2. "Ready"
  3. "World Premier"
  4. "The Wrong Route f/ DJ Abilities"
  5. "Without my existence"
  6. "The Robbery"
  7. "This One"
  8. "Take it There"
  9. "Human"
  10. "With Who?"
  11. "Be About It"
  12. "It's the Way f/ Try-D"
  13. "4 the Kidz"
  14. "Us f/ Gamble"
  15. "The Weekend"
  16. "Almost There"
  17. "Never f/ Slug"

Sunday, November 11, 2007



Derived from Empty Bottles


Produced By: Ebbineeza (2, 4, 13), Parallel Thought (3), Garbs Infinite (5, 10, 11), Blockhead (6), Chris McGuiness (12), Omega One (14), Dub-L (17), Jermaine Dupri (8).
Interludes and Cuts by: Dub-L
Johnny 23 Records. 2006...

1. Dub-L Intro
2. Sinatra's Revenge
3. Pancake Brain feat.Vordul
4. Purrvurrt Ichiban
5. Genie
6. Demon Strait
7. A.I.D.S. (intro)
8. A.I.D.S.
9. Empty Bottles (intermission)
10. Scumlife
11. Edge Of The Water
12. Pt.II
13. Gomel
14. Coup D'Etat
15. Pizza Delivery Boy
16. Steven Segal feat.Sumkid & Bub-L
17. Body Drop feat.Bashton & Saj Supreme

Monday, November 5, 2007




Fight With Tools

n/a; 2007

Flobots’ ambition is almost always on display on this, their first full-length album, and why not? Coming from the dense cradle of respectable hip hop that is Denver, Colorado, they basically have nothing to lose. Three American flag bandanas to the wind, (see album cover) Flobots attack the status quo armed with perceptive lyrics, guitars, bass, drums, trumpet, and even the ever so hip hop viola. The musicality of the album is impressive, and the versatility of the live component is a cornerstone of this unique assault. The only slipups here occur when they deviate from their self-devised approach and start sounding like they’re following in identifiable footsteps.

On first listen I was thrown into attack mode pretty early. After a well-done spoken word piece entitled “There’s A War Going On For your Mind,” I think I hear someone doing an Aesop Rock impression talking about breaking the mold…I float into thoughts of white rappers forcing themselves into just such a mold…and I’m clearly in for a long listen. The next track “Same Thing” pushes off and settles into another recognizable flow…seriously??….and it hits me. This one sounds like a blueprint for a J5 record. Fuck me!!*!!!

Upon further review, the lyrical content and musicality of these songs do redeem them to an extent, and the album’s only real weak patch is quickly left behind in the Denver dust.
“Stand Up” points the ship in the right direction, with emcees Brer Rabbit and Jonny 5 poignantly chanting and churning over a lush and subtle beat…and we’re off.

“Handlebars” is the disc’s standout and it’s a triumph; a woven fabric of intricate Juxtaposition and precise lyrical stitching. Uplifting lyrics (“I can design an engine sixty four miles to a gallon of gasoline, I can make new antibiotics”) play against a mellow string and bass soundscape, while notions of negativity and doom (“I can end the planet in a holocaust”) are thrown against fast and rocky musical terrain. Even the gap is stitched in with the precision of a Persian rug maker, bridging lyrically (“I can hand out a million vaccinations or let ‘em all die in exasperation / have ‘em all healed from their lacerations or have ‘em all killed by assassination”) and musically at once, while touching on issues of power and responsibility.

The tight cadence that works so well with the complexity and song structure of “Handlebars” is blurred at times while looser flows run ashore into complex musical backgrounds. Most of the album’s vocals stand up valiantly to the complexities of the sonic backgrounds, however, and the result is a singular and solid vessel. For the most part, Fight With Tools is a revelation from the Rockies, possessing a shrewdness and musical style that could carry Flobots into serious focus down river.

- Russell Rubin (

No Place Like Chrome

Apathy & Celph Titled

1 Apathy Naturally Nasty
Producer - Apathy
2 Apathy & Celph Titled Sound Of The Clap
Bass - J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
Producer - Celph Titled
3 Apathy 88 Mindstate
Producer - Chum The Skrilla Guerilla
4 Apathy & Celph Titled Fix Your Face
Producer - Celph Titled
5 Celph Titled S.M.D.
Producer - J-Zone
6 Apathy Maybe
Producer - Apathy
7 Apathy & Celph Titled Bad Attitudes
Producer - Apathy
Rap [Featuring] - One Two
8 Apathy & Celph Titled Donkey Ass
Producer - Celph Titled
Rap [Featuring] - Majik Most
9 Celph Titled Nut Reception
Producer - Celph Titled
Rap [Featuring] - J-Zone
10 Apathy Save The Day
Producer - J.J. Brown
11 Celph Titled Drink Specials
Producer - Tzarizm
Rap [Featuring] - Phil Da Agony , Rugged , Tzarizm
Vocals [Additional] - Tash

Dirtnap Mix

Blue Sky Black Death

the Dirtnap Mix (Razah's Ladder Bonus mix tape)

01.Holy Grail Ft. Hell Razah03:59
02.Darkness Deepens Ft. Sabac Red, Slaine, Ill Bill04:48
03.Vengeance (Omnipotent Version) Ft. Jus Allah02:20
04.Ghosts Among Men07:15
05.Private Death On A Quiet Eve06:27
06.Bring It On Ft. Athena01:22
07.Peircing Ft. Virtuoso03:55
08.Drill Sergeant (Omnipotent Version) Ft. Jus Allah03:03
09.Guns Ft. Midaz03:07
10.Verbal Divorce Ft. Hell Razah01:57
11.Mac Riderz Ft. Timbo King & Hell Razah02:15
12.Under The Vatican Ft. Hell Razah & Killah Priest02:41
13.Elevate Ft. Crooked I, Ras Kass, Odious04:56
14.Anywhere Ft. Midaz & Sabac Red03:41
Total Time51:46

Brother Reade

Rap Music

  1. Rap Music Intro
  2. Let`s Go
  3. Life Ain`t Easy For Ya`ll
  4. About That Rock
  5. Breakneck Interlude
  6. Baby It Pays
  7. Marcie Song, The
  8. Work Ain`t For Players
  9. Everywhere I Go
  10. Man Of Steel
  11. Like Duh
  12. Stop, Drop
  13. Gimme The Cash
  14. Can`t Get Moving Interlude
  15. Loft Party Classics, The