Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Inspirational Female Hip Hop Emceeing. Topics range from politcs to burlesque. Featuring Native American Flute by B. Frejo. Beats by P.O.S., Ninja Gator, Laser Beak, and Bean One. Kid friendly, Mother approved.

Indigo is a Hip Hop Emcee, Songwriter, Singer, and Activist. Born in St. Paul Minnesota by the mighty banks of the Mississippi, she began her music career as a child writing songs at the young age of 8. Raised in broken homes and living in over 30 places by the time she was 21, her music is expressive of real life issues and situations that are easily identifiable but difficult to diagnose. Indigo’s music has been described as food for thought, with desert included. The City Pages full page article on Indigo is quoted as saying “Like her personality, Indigo’s music is full of sass. With lyrical swoons and provocative spits, her album oozes a sexuality that comes across as confident and respectable.” Aug. 2007

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